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Please read through each point. By attending our sessions you are agreeing to the following:


-To provide space for social distancing, a limited number of artists are allowed each week. The sessions are first-come, first-serve until the room is full. If we do not have the space available, we invite you to try again the following week. 

-Masks are optional but highly recommended. Please wear your mask properly, and cover your nose and mouth.

-Proof of vaccination is required for all artists and models. You will be asked to show proof at the beginning of the session. Excelsior pass or physical vaccination card is accepted. 


-Everyone is welcome to come and draw with us, Artists of all skill levels, backgrounds, orientations, genders, races, abilities, ages, and mediums. Please chat and mingle with the other artists! Share your work and walk about the room during our breaks, but also please recognize and respect other's boundaries.

-Please arrive on time. If you arrive late (before our 15-minute break) please wait outside until the next break when a committee member will open the door and greet you. Please note, if you arrive after the session has begun there is no guarantee that we will be able to seat you.

-Space is limited and we ask that, if possible, you use only one chair. If you require a chair for your drawing pad, please do not use more than two chairs. Please feel free to move about the room during our session if possible. If you choose to position yourself on the floor in front of another artist, check with them to make sure you are not obstructing their view. 

-Please bring your own supplies! And no matter what your media, please be mindful of the space that you are sharing with the other artists in the room. We have to make space for each other and keep that shared space clean.

-Feel free to bring your earbuds/headphones and listen to music while you are drawing with us. We do ask that you keep what you're listening to in your own ears, though, and we encourage silence while the model is posing for those in the room who prefer silence.


-Our models are an important and valuable part of our community. They are our friends and muses. Please treat all models with kindness and respect.

-There is no photo or video recording during our session. We invite you to use electronic media (tablets and pads) but we do not condone nor encourage the open or subvert recording of our model in any way. We do encourage being friendly with the model and sharing your work with them, but please do not ask them to be photographed.

-Please do not direct our model in any way. We allow our models the freedom to express themselves by choosing their own poses. Any adjustments to be made to a model's chosen pose will be at the discretion of the members of the committee.

-We hate to ask anyone to go, but if you are creating a disturbance during our session, you will be asked to leave. Disturbances include (but are not limited to) excessive rudeness towards/fighting with other artists during the session, lewd or inappropriate remarks, requests or recordings of our model, playing music at a level that distracts other artists, etc.

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